Message: Google's plan to kill passwords ( interesting )

well, ipo, in plank's opinion, out on a crazy lowlife limb:

Google--Nest, alphabet....would have to come up with completely brand new "issues". to file IPRs on these two patents. Plank would be the last person to say that Google couldn't come up with some #*&&^%**%. in Plank's opinion--lowly ---both of these 2 latest nunchi patents were patented above and over every single piece of prior art that Google cited in the 6 IPRs....there you have it...for what it may be worth. check out EDIG's supplemental disclosure'll see it. This is not fact, this is Plank's opinion.

Frankly, based on what those 2 patents went through....and came out just fine....every day that we are not the subject of a bidding war is a surprise to Plank.

Also, Plank would not be surprised if Google's expert is completely excluded or given little to no weight as an expert. Any potential buyer would probably want a final IPR decision on each of the 6, as to not have to go through the process when "they" are enforcing the patents.

There you have Plank's lowly opinion...worth much less than a cup or coffee, or ?????

Plank still thinks EDIG is the new AT&T.

Go EDIG!! : )

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