Tartisan Resources Corp. to Acquire Canadian Arrow Mines Limited


  • Tartisan will acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Canadian Arrow Mines Limited by way of a court-approved plan of arrangement
  • Tartisan would issue to Canadian Arrow Mines Limited shareholders one common share of Tartisan for every 17.5 common shares of Canadian Arrow, resulting in the issuance of approximately 8,000,000 common shares of Tartisan


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Message: CES

the media, those ba$tard$ Just kidding.

When this question was first posed.. the thought that came through my mind were the reports of The Donald (his company I, suppose) stiffed a whole bunch of contractors who provided work/skilled trade out of their paychecks.

He supposedly went on to say to the people to "go ahead and try and sue me" (not word for word here, and again, second hand news on Left leaning media channel) "I will bury you in paperwork."

Small companies / individuals who can't afford lengthy legal fights.

Does that sound familiar to anyone? either having heard that on the news about the Donald and his companies, or a Company that people bake pies out of and have with either a slice of cheese melted on top or, ala mode, vanilla. Take the end product, not pay for it.

Sorry if I am offbase here. Just thinking.


and thanks Moo/ and hi to TommeeeK

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