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As Joe has said, "it's all said and done"...It's over, there is no negotiations about anything because the trustees have nothing to negotiate with or for. Synap is like the rest of the patents, there FOR A WHILE then gone into the "hinterland" somewhere. As I see it the only recourse investors (us) have is to somehow prove Fred Falk is doing something nefarious, underhanded in colluding (how about that word) with an entity for ownership of those patents for nothing.....and I don't believe that is in the perview of the trustees......unless concrete evidence is shown them that the ownership of the patents has a large value and is the entire reason for Chapter 7.....Either or anyway is if we want to do anything about this it will be expensive and might not bear any fruit.....There a lot of smart guys here....Any thoughts as to how to take the first step and stick our toes in the door to continue the trustees not putting this to bed yet, as they seem to be doing now.

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