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8/22/16 -The addition of Russell Packer as Board Director. Mr. Packer states: “e.Digital is at a strategic inflection point with open-ended opportunities and I look forward to contributing to the Company’s future success." 

10/12/16- The addition of Donald Springer as Board Director. Mr. Springer states: “e.Digital is positioning itself to take advantage of multiple strategic opportunities. I look forward to adding value with the Company in their future success.” 

2/14/17- 10K – CEO Fred Falk on water sensor product: “The company recently completed the industrial design phase of the project and continues to focus on firmware and software development.”
And on the cybersecurity space, Falk states: “We continue to meet with potential investors and partners that could allow us to bring products to this burgeoning and expansive industry which is expected to grow to $170 billion annually by 2020.” 

4/6/17- Management attended the San Diego Business Journal Forum on cybersecurity on April 6, 2017. A photo was posted on supplements/PDF/20170417_Cybersecurity.pdf   Page 40- Included Kevin Bostenero, Patrick Nunally, Russell Packer and Fred Falk.

4/17/17- Fred Falk states in a press release: “Over the last thirty days, we have entered into multiple licensing arrangements and we expect to continue to generate revenue through our patent monetization activities. We are excited about the recent merger between our law firm, Handal & Associates, and Greenspoon Marder.” http:// awareness-and-the-internet-of-things-technologies-300438803.html   

5/3/17- In this latest press Fred Falk states: “This is the tenth patent granted into the foundational Nunchi patent portfolio that we believe is poised to play a key role in the future of mobile communications and the Internet of Things”....... “We expect
to leverage the additional strength of our recently granted patents, in our patent monetization activities moving forward.” 
https:/edigital-granted-new-patent-for-interpersonal-awareness-  a756e    

Although not in a press release but from an IPR: 1025 Confidential Settlement and License Agreement Between e.Digital Corporation and Google, Inc., as filed in e.Digital Corporation v. Dropcam, Inc., N.D. Cal. Case No. 3:14-cv-04922. (Board and Parties Only) Shareholders were not informed about this and at least one shareholder inquired what it meant. What does this mean exactly?

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