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Lamfrendly, I remember those postings as well. The BOD should have in their minutes the search for two new board members and what was vision was required for their possible contribution for the future of the company as new additions to the BOD? At the same time - a longtime other BOD member resigned suddenly (Polis). Why?  Perhaps, that might be indicated as well in their minutes they should have kept with meetings they held over time. The two new board members were given stock options. With their significant M&A backgrounds I can't imagine and find it hard to believe they would have had an interest in joining a sinking ship? What happened over time? This information might be in BOD meeting(s) notes of what transpired over time! There might be some answers there...and based on these postings which were positive...looking back today the circumstance we find ourselves in - are unbelievable. What happened to shareholders so suddenly, and without notice is the million dollar question! At what point was the BOD discussing filing a Chapter 7? In the meantime, did they try to salvage the company with other options they may have had at their disposal to run the business? It had rosy prospects based on what they pr'd. IMO only.

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