Message: Image credit: Experiment 101 for Biomutant 2022

Yet here is when Biomutant on PC reveals many of its shortcomings. Since many of these characters' looks are the same, I anticipated at least some animation in terms of facial and character emotions. Why didn't Biomutant get an update that adds any because it didn't have any when the game first debuted?

Image credit: Experiment backrooms game 101 for Biomutant 2022

While Biomutant has modifications, the community isn't as active as, say, the Bethesda games audience, thus I doubt any mods would patch the game up. This is only the beginning of cutting shortcuts. Expectations of a rich RPG experience in Biomutant on PC are already unrealistic. Before I discuss Biomutant's gameplay, plot, and craftsmanship, I must first point out how beautiful the game's visuals are. The planet, the setting, and the architecture all have very unusual color schemes. Biomutant is a game that understands how to shine, if anything.

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