Message: Does the game at least attempt with its conversation?

Biomutant spends too much time trash-talking the filthy humans and their filthy machines who brought about all this mayhem, rather than developing its characters and revealing more about the animals that live in this planet.


I anticipated some of these issues retro bowl to have been resolved by this point as this is a PC review of Biomutant 2022. However, it appears that since the game's release, Biomutant updates have been few. It seems like the developers suddenly gave up on the game after delivering a few updates.


Does the game at least attempt with its conversation, then? It's clear the authors saw a lot of kung-fu films. Most of the characters speak in very general terms. There won't be any intricate or profound concepts presented by the game's characters. They are merely there to provide you with an impartial opinion and provide some insight into your destiny and heart.

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