Message: The off topic discussions

The off topic discussions

posted on Oct 26, 2008 08:06AM

used to be used for football,weather, and other "non-hate" issues. What happened to reasonable people having reasonable differences. I used to have almost a perfect memory, but today I don't, probably because of my age (69). I think McCain is at a big disadvantage, similar to Reagan's last years in office, because of his age. Since Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence at age 32, I think being young is a big advantage. Obama's education and the fact that he taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago are strong reasons to think he is highly qualified to be president. Personally, I think Barack Obama brings a lot to the table following the mess the conservatives have left us with.

Like Gil, I finished college and went to law school. I had a great education and I understand economics and politics. I admire Sen. McCain's service to his country, but it's time for "fresh eyes."


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