Message: The Influence of mobile apps on our lives

Today's life is total based on internet with mobile app. We are surrounded by mobile apps all the time.  Some mobile applications are for personal interest, such as games, music players, social networking and shopping. Other applications are for communication purposes – email, instant messaging and image viewing. Many applications are for information, such as maps, GPS, weather, financial updates, search and web browsers. Due to these applications, people are able to communicate with people from all over the world and have both personal and business relationships. Other on-demand app like ewallet app, grocery delivery app, medicine delivery app, car wash app etc.


People of all ages and stages of life are taking advantage of the potential of mobile applications by banking online, keeping in touch with friends and family via email and pictures, shopping for clothing and other items, and communicating with their employers and employees. Huh. People waiting for mail to be delivered are becoming a thing of the past. The turn-around rate increases at an astonishing speed when emails and documents are received through a mobile device.

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