Message: A Guide: Types of Essays in English and Tips for Writing Them

Essay writing is a common assignment faced by those who study English. Essays are often used as homework assignments, part of tests, and, of course, as one of the tests for admission to educational institutions.

What is an essay in English

In English, an essay is one of the genres of written works, which resembles the familiar in the post-Soviet space "essay-expression". When writing such a text, the author's task is often to convey his opinion and argue it, in other cases - to investigate some issue in order to give the reader space for his own conclusions.

This puts a certain imprint on the style of narration. Often it is written in the first person singular, connective words are used extensively in the text, emotional vocabulary and metaphors are found.

There are quite a few different types of essayup reviews- different sources distinguish from a few basic ones, to ten or more. Today we will talk about the basic types of essays.

Narrative essays

One of the most popular types of essays. When writing such a text, the author must tell a story based on an experience from real life. Such stories are usually written in first-person format, and the narrative leads the reader to their own conclusions.

Descriptive essays

In this case, the main purpose is as if to draw a picture for the reader with the help of words. It is common for an author to describe situations, people or objects, putting a deeper meaning into simple descriptions. Usually such texts affect the readers' emotions, the task is also to lead them to some conclusions based on what they have read.

Analytical essays

Texts of this type usually include an analysis of a certain topic, which is carried out with the help of facts, statistics, references to various studies and reports. That is, facts are more important here than emotions in descriptive essays. Therefore, even when writing in the first person, the author should avoid expressing his or her own opinion or emotions.

Persuasive essays 

As the name makes clear, the main task of essays of this type is to convince the reader of something, using facts, logic, and descriptions of situations related to the topic. In such texts it is good to use expert opinions, practical examples, etc.

As said above, there are many more types of English-language essays, but these are the main ones. Now let's move on to tips for writing these types of texts.

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