In Chapter 7 BK

Message: I think I see way TL let FG go into chpt7.

I would really like to know the whole story, but I don't think we really will ever know. I read a lot of speculation from other posters though.

Personally, in hindsight, it is odd that SD decided to go after the heaps first, though that is difficult to make profit. Unless it was a good selling point since it has a lower start up price, so they could get funding easier. Actually that sold me as well. Since than I learned a bit about processing and an experience geolist should know better. But an experienced obtainer of financing probably knows it the knowlege of Platinum and sold the idea. And it seems like they knew for sometime they would not have a profitable yield, but they contiuned on. TL said to the court that they continued on just to prove they had a working mine/plant. But at the same time why release that "independent" report saying how profitable they will be.

Then the China NW funding was odd as well.

Then why so few bids for the mine during BK and the real lowball bid ($11m) bailed. Something they knew?

Then SAGE bought the mine at the $20m value price, also odd. And have been slow to start production.

I wish one day we could have someone answer these questions, but will probably never know.


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