Preparation to Start for Production of Phosphate in Mali and Exploring for Gold in Mali and Copper-Gold-Molybdenum in British Columbia

Message: Great Quest Metals Ltd.: Gold Exploration Permit Renewed to

The permits should extend GQ's bullish run to $6 or even more in 2011. GQ has been my darling stock! Even though I only put in $375 in it!! I'm a small timer.

From 10 cents a pop to $3 per share for 2010, I don't know why there's no discussion for Great Quest in this forum. While NOT gets all the buzz... I've watched NOT fall from $2.15 (yea still holding) to 93 cents in about the same amount of time.

I shoulda sold my NOT for GQ when GQ surpassed NOT. Lesson of the story, don't hang onto losers... jump ship when it's sinking and get rescued by a yacht! Totally missed out a great opportunity here that unfolded before my eyes.

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