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Message: INTERVIEW: Liberty Star Discusses Latest Activities in Copper Mining Rich Southeast Arizona

Well- as always, an interesting interview. But a little puzzling as well. It is curious as to the intended audience. I must assume it is the share holding community, as JB actually mentions. But the information imparted, unfortunately, is not really what we need to hear. The presentation was, as always, comprehensive, detailed and very informative as to the historical context and the scientific  geologic and chemical basis for the anticipated findings at HM. However, I believe most of us are already aware of these points and we already have a strong belief in their validity. We don't need to be convinced- otherwise we wouldn't be here so persistently. As for other audiences- I don't think many other random retail investors are viewing this LBSR/Agoracom site. And likewise, I don't think major companies and potential JV and/or drilling partners are using such interviews as their source of information. 

The information we are looking for is not confirmation that "it is not if- but when and with whom" a deal will be struck- again- those of us who are still hanging in here have to assume that is the case. The critical question is- precisely when. And it has been "when" for a good 10 years. Of course, as JB says- there has been much activity- but the details can't be discussed because of SEC rules. This is, of course, true- and not simply an evasion. But, nonetheless, it leaves us back where we started- with the real question unanswerable in such a format. In fact, when "George" says that LBSR investors deserve a break (Amen) and so what's specifically the outlook for the company?- JB reverts to generalities about the potential for the rise in copper prices due to electrification demands and supply problems, as well as restating how tremendous our potential deposits are as indicated by chemical/geochemical and electromagnetic imaging, despite underlying  an unexciting appearing surface terrain. But he  is still unable to answer the question as to "when".

Now all that information plus 25 cents (or a buck) might get you a tootsie roll- but not much copper- without funds for drilling. And I don't mean to imply that this was all a smoke screen to obscure the fact that there are no good prospects for funding in the offing. As JB said- if there were- he couldn't tell us about them. So- I'm not being pessimistic- I very much would like to believe that we are close to funding- I certainly hope so. I guess my only point is that we really don't know much more than we did before- and we can't until the deal is actually made- as always.

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