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BREAKING: Enthusiast Gaming Announces Exclusive Partnership With Omnia Media And Its 900 Channel Youtube Network And 50+ Million Monthly Visitors

  • Entered into two agreements
    • One with Omnia Media Inc. to exclusively represent all of Omnia’s online gaming traffic in the United States, and another with Blue Ant Media
  • Omnia is a leading global gaming YouTube platform which creates, manages and operates a multi-channel YouTube network that distributes premium, original content.
  • With over 50 million monthly visitors 1, 400 million subscribers across 900 channels, Omnia’s network is one of the most highly visited destinations on YouTube for video game related content


Message: Look at that!

230 million shares on the bid, 1/2 million on the ask. 

Ordinarily, I say the pressure is on for higher prices, but Friday's are bad days for making predictions and I don't like to do that.  Having said that, but Monday may bring something different.

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