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Message: New 8K: Directors, Officers, Compensations & New Headquarter Location

You are correct.  I just checked old SEC filings, and the corporate address is shown as you indicate.

BTW, I just did another check for industrial listings along S. Kolb Road.  I did not find the warehouse.  What I did find, however, was a listing on an under construction and large industrial property on the other side of the road (also along the Union Pacific tracks).  This should mean that the desirability of this formerly isolated area is improving and that the rent at the company's former leasehold should be going up.  It also appears as if that area is part of a redevelopment district, in which case this adds further pressure to existing rents.

I mention this as an indication that higher lease payments would motivate LBSR to give up the warehouse while the company has no prospects for income in the near term, at least in so far as I know.

Click on the aerial photo for an enhanced view.  The buildings outlined in blue at the tracks are/were where the warehouse is/was located.

VP in rainy Arizona



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