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Message: what about this

If Im not mistaken the language has been included in every 10-k. I dont have time to check right now but I am almost certain it has been and to me I would rather see honesty than someone preaching snake oil. Im sure its just intended to prevent any possible future litigation based on any possible accusations of deception. Kind of like medication commericials that say "If you take this medication you could possibly grow a third eye, a face in the back of your head, or a tail". As stated previously I am 99.99% sure the statement has been included in all of LBSRs 10ks and other documents. For the clown on the other board to be throwing this out now reeks of desperation on his part. The statement has always been there, so why pull it up now? Because he's losing ground on whatever his agenda is and is now just throwing anything and everything hoping something works. 

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