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BREAKING: Esports Entertainment Group Partners With Dignitas, The Esports Organization Of Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment, To Provide P2P Esports Betting

  • Multi-year partnership with Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment to provide safe and transparent P2P esports betting to Dignitas fans via
  • Dignitas is an international esports team with one of the most iconic and recognizable brands in the professional gaming industry that fields teams in seven of esports’ largest and most popular games

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Hub On AGORACOM / Read Release

Message: what about this

Again, this is standard/required verbiage of any exploration-phase miner who is going without reportable resources.  And it is a favored topic of bashers when they have nothing else to bring up.

You know, bashers live for attention.  Responding to them in any way only gives them a reason for being.


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