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Message: Commodities

"Metals prices won't matter much to this co as long as claims remain undrilled. Too bad, very sad, but true.."

WRONG!  A market that is shifting from fixed-income investments to hard assets pushes mining stock prices higher, particularly those of exploration-phase mining companies like LBSR, though the timing for moves in explorers trails that of producers.  This is historical fact, and in cycles that come about two-to-three times per century.  The last one was nearly 40-years ago. 

Let me point out that the move in precious metals today was related to globally decreasing values in paper money.  The proof is in the fact that Platinum Group Metals today went the other direction.   This suggests that the global monetary system could be headed towards a crisis.  For those who think that that is so, it is time to buy hard assets like gold and silver.  If you want to leverage such investments, buy miners.  And if you want to put further leverage on top of that, buy exploration-phase mining companies.       


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