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BREAKING: Empower Clinics Announces Joint Venture with Heritage Cannabis for the Production of Hemp Derived CBD Oils and Formulated Products in Oregon USA

  • Heritage, via its wholly owned subsidiary Purefarma Solutions Inc., will install extraction units and related downstream extraction equipment inside Empower’s existing 5,000 sq. ft. licenced hemp processing facility in Sandy, OR.
  • JV will be equally funded by both companies with Heritage investing an initial $500,000 for start-up funds, as the build out completes and the JV secures high quality hemp supply from local growers
  • Once operational, the JV will begin producing proprietary branded products for Empower’s corporately owned physician staffed health clinics in Washington State, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona

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Aug 14, 2019 11:15AM

I think the market today is confused about how to react to "inverted yield curve" news.  It has been evident for a while but became official this morning.  More than likely it will cause professional money managers to shift money from stocks into bonds, meaning that we should be seeing rounds of falling interest rates in the coming months (as has been happening in the rest of the world).  It means that paper money is losing value, which should be good news for gold and silver prices and the related mining issues.  Real estate demand should improve too, as will the mortgage loan industry because another refinancings crush is about to hit the market. 


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