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Message: Where to drill?

Very good.  To that, I want to add that I would be tempted to concurrently look for someone to perform channel sampling on the potential Carlin-style mineralization that lies within the new claims area.  It would cost less than drilling our main target, and it would not conflict with it.  The lack of conflict comes from the fact that there are many smaller scale miners/prospectors who would be interested in surface mining, and it very likely would not take anything away from Hay Mountain/Earp Ridge.

However, if management wants to reserve all of our holdings for a single wold class partner, that's another matter, and a very risky one for now, especially without an MOU.  In the present environment, I think it better to have a small partner or two in hand than a big one in the bush, assuming there is any interest at all.

Let's dig some dirt!   






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