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Message: Hanging in there

I think our LBSR BOD is moving in the best direction they can.

I have been with LBSR for YEARS! The whole time it was led by JB - an extremely talented geologist, imo. He was the "face" of LBSR. Sadly, our SP bottomed out with him at the helm. I got the impression that others in the mining industry, while highly respecting his amazing expertise, simply could not or would not make a deal with him. I may be completely wrong about this. 

VP has definitely shown that LBSR should/could have had a deal by now.

So, I am VERY GLAD that we now have new folks in charge of LBSR. It gives me renewed hope (where most was gone) that things might finally move forward. I hope I am right about this.

That being said...




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