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BREAKING: Mota Ventures Acquires Over 20,000 Customers in March, Launches New Immune Support Product Line

  • Immune Support product line received exceptionally well by consumers
  • Total number of customers acquired by First Class CBD in March 2020 is 20,959, including 6,419 immune customers
  • Initial average spend of Cdn$218.40 per customer

Mota large

Hub On AGORACOM / Read Release

Message: New Question For Tracy

Hi Tracy I just have a couple of questions if you can answer them. I know questions on here dont always get answered but I'm not desperate to know them so it's no big dea . 

  • When is the presentation created by Alan Wilson going to be presented for the first time (if it hasn't already I dont want to assume anything lol)? Also how many of these presentations, if any, are currently planned?


  •  Also, understanding it's only been a single weekend so maybe not much to report, what can you tell me about the number of individuals that have registered to with credentials in the mining industry?

Thanks in advance if you answer these. Hope everyone had a great extended weekend and have a great week as well. 

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