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BREAKING: betterU closes deal with USA Paramount Staffing for their newly launched Ready-To-Go SaaS Enterprise skills development

  • Entered into an annual SaaS agreement with one of the largest staffing firms in the USA, Paramount Staffing
  • Paramount, is a $200+ Million USD Staffing Firm with over 300 employees across the USA and Canada
  • betterU has been able to curate and integrate a Ready-To-Go content library across top subjects so that HR managers could provide simple access to their entire organization

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Message: Metals markets

China resumes minor curtailments of Rare Earths processing and distributions.

"As a result, there has been minimal impact on suppliers’ ability to meet demand, indicated by only limited price reactions for rare earth products, with Dy oxide prices increasing only 2.6% between the start of January and mid-February 2020."

As a reminder, China subsidizes this industry.  That is what Trump has been working on, trying to level the field in regards to trade.  As China begins to dismantle subsidies to reduce Trump-imposed tariffs, rare earths here and in Canada should benefit, perhaps even from Hay Mountain. emergency, no shortages, "situation nomal - AFU".  

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