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Message: Price of Oil

Yesterday oil hit historic lows. This morning, where I live, gas is 1.49 (and even cheaper towards Tulsa). Previously there was talk of gas falling below .99 cents due to the glut of oil related to the price war between Saudi and Russia. Well now we have this pandemic which has resulted in a rapid rise in American unemployment and far less oil being used world wide. Who knows? Before the summer is over we may see gas prices that havent been seen since the mid 1970s.

The point is: regardless of the price of copper, regardless of COVID-19, if this opportunity isnt taken advantage of before the economy corrects itself, Hay Mountain will NEVER come to fruition under LBSR. Im sure there are people eager to work, fuel will be cheaper than we will ever see again, and cheaper than some of us can ever remember. Arizona landscape seems to spread far and wide, not like the concrete jungles where the virus is thriving. Quarantine a crew that will drill. After 2 weeks send them in to work, isolate the crew onsite until the pandemic has ran its course, delivering supplies as needed. Now is the time to make something happen. Again, my personal opinion, if it doesnt happen in the next 2-3 months it will never happen

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