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BREAKING: Else Nutrition Announces North American Launch of World's Only Real Alternative to Dairy-Based Baby Nutrition

  • Baby Nutrition Paradigm shift: After 120 years, Else introduces a completely novel protein source for baby nutrition (over one year old) with a breakthrough, clean and sustainable production process
  • Globally patented, and founded by infant nutrition industry veterans, Else Nutrition is the first dairy and soy- free, clean label, plant-based complete nutrition for babies (1 year and over)
  • Else Plant-Based Complete Nutrition is now available for purchase at, U.S. shipping nationwide and to Canada

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Hub On AGORACOM / Read Release

Message: Wisdom/Foolhardy?

"Nice insult you the man"

Which of my recent postings did you find insulting, the one where I asked if you were maybe feeling inadequate, or the prior one where I addressed you as PO?  If one was, or both were insulting, why?     

"This is a message board. Why do you bring anything up?"

Huh?  Are you suggesting that some postings are messages and others are not?  If you think that some of my postings are off-topic, is not this one of yours?  Or maybe you think that some off-topic postings are justified and some are not?  Wanna expand on that? 

"Is it that you and your Kumbaya group can only write here?"

To the largest degree possible, I only want the most competent and experienced management team (whoever they may be) to steer this ship to port for the benefit of all honest shareholders.  That any group would takeover this vessel and its cargo while lacking proper navigation skills is a disgrace and very nearly criminal in my opinion.  I also think that "international miners" find it abhorrent that such a group would wrest control of the helm without sending out a distress call urgently seeking new ship's officers, ones of appropriate competence, even if their usurpation of control was appropriate for the circumstances at the moment.

In this regard, I DON'T CARE WHO TAKES US TO PORT as long as it is not third party salvagers picking scraps out of our bankruptcy!

"Drive away anybody who don't agree with you? Like newuser."

"newuser"?  How could I have possibly driven him away when he claimed to have put me on ignore several weeks before he stopped posting here?  If he really put me on ignore (and he was not posting anything directly to me during this time), he wasn't reading anything of mine that would have driven him away, correct?  Besides, it appears he was banned for repeated abuses of terms of service at Argoracom, with most of his offending postings having been removed leading up to that event.  Check his avatar here. 

BTW, the affected changes in communications skills don't seem to serve you well when they appear so variable between different postings.  Try a little harder. 


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