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Well- the POC is certainly moving up nicely- very volitile and really shouldn't effect long term decision making by investors anyway- but I think, psychologically good for momentum. I am still calling for a deal at $3.50-60. But- long term prospects for copper also are good. China will move forward- and for those nervous about Biden- I think the opposite is true. He is unlikely to impose any restrictions on mineral mining- possibly the opposite. He will want the economy to prosper- and will hold the extreme environmentalists at bay- and since there will likely be some accommodation- he will probably be better at doing so than the Republicans. And with the electric=copper economy on the front burner. Coal and oil may have a problem- that's where there will likely be give to the environmentalists- but mineral mining- unlikely.

And- with more spending on covid relief and other measures- a weaker dollar- and stronger gold!

And we have both- and more!

And if we are to take BG and Tracy at their word- we have access.

And we are fully permitted.

And the environment for deals is apparently still excellant- lack of dealmaking can not be an excuse. Just look around. In fact- just look over the fence. Or just look at VP's deluge of deals for everyone else.


And so Brett- what's the problem? Are you- as some suspect- holding out for some grandiose- big corporate deal- while passing up on smaller, more appropriate deals that might get things started? Have you offended potential investors- (see again Prospects #1 and #2- and see again the deal we are not supposed to mention, alledgedly being "inside information".) Is it that you are too busy with your day job in Colorado? Is it that you have these several CA's in hand and you thought you would just "sit back" and see what happens- rather than be out on the hustings drumming up more prospects? Is it that there is only you and Jay to present Hay Mountain to knowledgable geologists and that they are put off by being hosted by nongeologists?


If not these reasons?- What?


I ask not rhetorically- but as a real question. Brett- why have you not succeeded in the one thing that you apparently assumed the reigns of power at Liberty Star to achieve. You didn't bring any geological expertise or exploration know-how to the table. You were supposed to be "The Businessman Extraordinaire". Well- why have you not made "some business."

I- and I think- we all shareholders would really like- and deserve- to know.

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