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Good question and one I can't answer however I spoke to JB yesterday and we had a friendly conversation and he essentially said that this scan has 0 significance to LBSR in anyway. So I would presume if what you are asking is possible it would not be applicable in our case based on Jb's thoughts. 

It makes me wonder- in the name of looking for feedback from fellow board members- why would a separate company pay for such insignificant things? Is it possible that they actually performed multiple scans other than this one but since they paid for it they control if/when/who it is released by? It would make sense to me, who knows nothing about the industries dealings and how things work, that whoever pays for the scans gets to have the rights to the data obtained. Perhaps they have decided they don't want that additional data released yet, or ever. Anyone have any opinions on this or know how this works?


I apologize if another post with a very very similar idea comes up. I posted one previously and it disappeared after messing around on my profile on agoracom so I reposted

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