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And- one would think that if one really wanted a deal- if plan A wasn't working out- one might go to plan B. Maybe there is a good reason for continuing to fiddle around with the muddled RRC/RR plan, despite not achieving any results. Although it's hard to imagine what that reason would be. It is likely it has been seen (assuming any interested parties have actually even been successfully solicited) for what it is- half baked retreads with no clear path as to how to prove out what most likely isn't even there in the first place.Who even knows where and what to drill- apparently not BG/PO or their crew of purported "experts".

So in this case- going to plan B means going back to where we started- to Hay Mountain. Also not drill proven- but definitely not muddled and with a clear and direct path for investigation with the drill targets already precisely specified (by Jim Briscoe). X- literally marks the spot(s).

The lack of following a logical path to a deal for drilling might cause some to even question management's intentions. The lack of taking a viable course of action, the lack of progress towards a deal and the destruction of what paltry stock value there had been- despite what we believe to be truly valuable assets, might also cause some to question whether BG and PO are fulfilling their fiduciary duty to shareholders other than themselves and the BOD. What is the explanation for lack of progress and what is the plan and what are the prospects for progress?

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