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VP's points are accurate, based on facts - there is no 'hate' involved.  He (and most of the rest of us) would be applauding if BG and group were successful.  Your comments, on the other hand, show a persistent amount of extensive dislike for VP.  And your question 'why are you here' seems to indicate either a really short memory, or else you enjoy doing exactly what you accuse VP of - bashing (VP).

Your facts, on the other hand, are a bit off.  Since JB has been out as CEO for only a little over four years, he could not have 'diluted us to bankruptcy 6 years ago'.  And the 'super share thingie' wouldn't be 'designed for a partner to come in' because you have to be on the BoD to own the super shares.  And I would be really surprised if BG and PO brought in a partner and put somebody from that partner on the Board and gave them enough super shares to take control of the company.


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