Arizona Deposits Have Some of the Highest Grade Uranium in the World

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CUSIP: 53123T206

Why Liberty Star?

  1. Potential for discovery of a high grade and large sediment and porphyry hosted copper, gold, and moly ore body of the same type as the nearby Bisbee deposit and other commercially important ore bodies throughout southeast Arizona
  2. Multiple targets over copper-gold anomalies have been plotted using sophisticated ground studies including assayed geochemical samples, airborne ZTEM geophysical surveys producing magnetic and electromagnetic data and technical reports from an independent qualified geologist
  3. Recent discovery of surface outcrops suggests near surface targets, significantly lowering development time and costs

About Us

Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. (LBSR: OTCBB) is an Arizona-based mineral exploration company engaged in the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties in the states of Arizona and Alaska. Currently the company controls properties which are located over what management considers some of North America’s richest mineralized regions for copper, gold, silver, molybdenum (moly), and uranium

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The Company’s premier property is the Hay Mountain Project in southeast Arizona


About Tombstone Super Project/Hay Mountain

The Tombstone Super Project (TSP) hosts Liberty Star’s premiere multi target property: The Hay Mountain Project. The TSP initially consisted of 33 unpatented federal lode mining claims over a projected covered porphyry copper mineral center in Cochise County, Arizona. In 2011 and 2012

The geochemical data also yielded the unexpected presence of four of seventeen Rare Earth Elements (REEs). Further analysis of the REE data will be undertaken at a later date.

Liberty Star contracted Geotech Ltd. to run a ZTEM airborne electromagnetic survey over theHay Mountain area in 2013. The final draft report has been submitted to Liberty Star concluding:

1. There are as many as 10 meaningful targets within the Hay Mountain Project area.

2. Hay Mountain contains a major anomaly centered on the geochem anomaly reported by Liberty Star (NR 127).

From the “Executive Summary” Summary Interpretation Report on a Helicopter-Borne Z-Axis Tipper Electromagnetic (ZTEM) and Aeromagnetic Geophysical Survey: The Hay Mountain Project Tombstone Mining District, Cochise County, Arizona For: Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.:

“The Hay Mountain Property is mainly underlain by a thick sequence of Paleozoic quartzite, limestone and siltstones, but potentially hosts buried porphyry copper deposits at structural intersections and under basin-fill formations. There is additional potential for polymetallic carbonate-hosted replacement deposits (CRD), as well as shallow chalcocite blanket porphyry type deposits and also skarn type porphyry copper deposits. Previous soil and vegetation geochemical surveys have identified a coincident Au-Pb-Cu anomaly and larger Mo-halo in the center of the property. The objective of the ZTEM surveys is to identify favourable magnetic and resistivity signatures related to potentially more deeply buried porphyry copper, CRD/skarn and chalcocite replacement deposits at Hay Mountain. The Magnetic surveys have determined that Hay Mountain hosts a large dominant magnetic high that lies buried below the Paleozoic sediments is centered over the Liberty Star geochemical anomaly and remains open to the south…As many as ten (10) magnetic anomalies have been defined.” (SeeNR 170, 12/11/2013)

In 2014, Liberty Star announced “New outcrops have been discovered in the main porphyry copper alteration zone target within the geochemical and geophysical zone that did not appear on any current geologic maps." Additional geologic work is ongoing to define the location and alteration of these outcrops.” (NR 189)

Currently, Liberty Star seeks $9 million dollars to conduct an exploratory drilling program (Phase 1) at its Hay Mountain Project.

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Leadership – CEO/Chief Geologist


James A. Briscoe

Mr. James A. Briscoe, P. Geo. Arizona & California, BS/MS Geology University of Arizona - Chairman of the Board, CEO, President, CFO, Chief Geologist is one of the founders of Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. Mr. Briscoe’s involvement in mineral exploration and discoveries spans over 40 years. He is a Registered Professional Geologist in the States of California and Arizona since 1969 and 1972 respectively. Credited with expanding porphyry copper ore reserves at Silver Bell, Arizona and identifying major gold deposits in theRandsburg Districtin California, he was also instrumental in the discovery of the large disseminatedMcDermittopen-pit mercury mine in Nevada. Mr. Briscoe co-discovered and co-owned theWind Mountaingold-silver mine in Nevada. In Alaska, he identified the Big Chunk caldera and the copper-gold-moly potential continuation from the Pebble mine and alteration zone which is a twin of the Silver Bell zone in the Silver Bell caldera, Arizona. Mr. Briscoe was the first geologist to identify the Tombstone Caldera in 1988. Recently, he discovered a significant intrusion indicating multiple mineral occurrences under the Tombstone Arizona caldera. He has served as either an officer and or director of three other publicly trading exploration and development companies.


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