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Message: Auguries—The Muppet Show

Auguries—The Muppet Show
March 15, 2012
By Kevin Michael Grace

Gold was down (at press time) $42.50 (-2.5%) for the week to $1,658.70, and silver was down $1.41 (-4.2%) to $32.50. Reuters attributed gold’s decline to (narrative alert!) “removal of the premium attached to further quantitative easing, with prices giving up almost all of the gains made since January 25 when the Fed signaled the potential for additional policy stimulus.” In addition, “A modest upgrade of the [Fed's] economic outlook gave the dollar fresh impetus and investors an excuse to lighten holdings of bullion.”

This column has noted the MSM’s decision to ignore the substantial quantitative easing promulgated by the European Central Bank. Which was not enough, according to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Telegraph: “M1 money supply growth in the big G7 economies and leading E7 emerging powers buckled over the winter. The gauge…peaked at 5.1% in November. It dropped to 3.6% in January and to 2.1% in February. This is comparable to falls seen in mid-2008 in the months leading up to the Great Recession.”

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