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Message: Growth Without Risk

Growth Without Risk
Silver Wheaton Strikes Big in Peru and Manitoba with its HudBay Deal
By Kevin Michael Grace

See here for a Resource Clips feature on Peru and mining.

For investors in gold and silver bullion, ETFs (paper bullion) and mining companies all have their risks and rewards. Randy Smallwood, President/CEO of Silver Wheaton TSX:SLW, argues that his company supplies the rewards without the risks. “I think,” he declares, “we provide the best—and I’m not just going to say silver—I think we provide the best option for exposure to precious metals.”

He explains, “We provide growth and dividends, and we provide leverage. The key is growth. Currently about 20% of the reserves that we have on our books right now have come from organic growth within the company. When you invest in bullion or ETFs it doesn’t grow—an ounce stays an ounce stays an ounce. We also provide protection on the costs. Our costs are fixed by contract; our capital costs are fixed; and our production costs are fixed.”

Read more about Silver Wheaton and their plays in Manitoba and Peru.

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