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Message: Northern Freegold Announces Additional Exploration Results From the Goldy Zone,
Freegold Mountain Project, Yukon

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Vancouver, BC: January 29, 2014. Northern Freegold Resources Ltd. (NFR: TSX-V, NFRGF: OTCQX) is pleased to announce further results from the 2013 exploration program on the Freegold Mountain Project ("Freegold"). The project is 100% owned by Northern Freegold Resources Ltd. (the "Company" or "Northern Freegold") and is road accessible, located 70 km west of Carmacks in the Dawson gold belt of southwestern Yukon.

Goldy Zone

The Goldy Zone displays an affinity towards an epithermal type gold prospect which is hosted within vein and breccia systems controlled by splays of the Big Creek Fault Zone. The core of the Goldy prospect occurs at the apparent intersection of major northwest and north trending faults; at the contact between a Jurassic syenite and Paleozoic metasediments of the Yukon Tanana Terrane. Quartz-feldspar porphyry dykes have been observed within the mineralized zone. Anomalous gold and arsenic in soil values have been identified through historic sampling along these structures, over a strike length of 2.3 km.

The objectives of the 2013 program at the Goldy Zone were to conduct orientation surveys over zones of known mineralization and to extend the survey north of the historic grid, completed in 1987, to determine if a structural "link" is present between the Goldy and Dart Zones. The Dart showing lies 1.8 km north of the Goldy Zone. The orientation survey was completed to provide the following control: 1) ground truth historic geochemical results and 2) to provide multi-element geochemistry of soils overlying mineralized zones; an exercise which has never been completed for the Goldy zone.

The 2013 geochemical survey from the Goldy-Dart Zone has successfully delineated a 150 metre wide by 400 metre long extension of coincident anomalous gold-arsenic-cadmium in soil north of the existing geochemical grid completed in 1987. The total strike length of the anomalous zone is currently defined up to 1.3 km north of the Goldy showing. The Goldy zone has previously been drill tested by the Company and has returned significant gold mineralization (refer to news releases #08-22 and #09-03).

Initial data analysis completed by TerraLogic Exploration Inc. prior to this year's field activities included compilation of historic drill hole assays to identify elemental correlations with gold mineralization. These correlations were then used to determine which pathfinder elements could be used to delineate prospective exploration zones. The data analysis concluded that both arsenic (As) and cadmium (Cd) are pathfinder elements for gold mineralization at the Goldy Zone, whilst silver (Ag), copper (Cu), and lead (Pb) are pathfinder elements for gold mineralization at the Dart Zone.

A total of 12.9 line kilometres of geochemical surveys totalling 533 B-horizon and 5 C-horizon soil samples were collected during the program. The 2013 geochemical survey from the Goldy-Dart Zone has successfully delineated a 150 metre wide by 400 metre long extension of coincident anomalous gold-arsenic-cadmium in soil north of the existing geochemical grid completed in 1987. The total strike length of the anomalous zone is currently defined up to 1.3 km north of the Goldy showing, which has previously been drill tested by the Company.

 |2013 Soil Statistics      |Au ppb|As ppm|Ag ppm|Cd ppm|Cu ppm|Pb ppm|
 |Goldy : Count Numeric     |533.0 |533.0 |533.0 |533.0 |533.0 |533.0 |
 |Goldy : Minimum           |0.5   |0.9   |0.0   |0.0   |3.7   |0.7   |
 |Goldy : Maximum           |94.0  |572.0 |3.8   |15.1  |64.4  |496.0 |
 |Goldy : Mean              |6.6   |38.4  |0.3   |0.3   |18.0  |12.8  |
 |Goldy : Median            |4.0   |17.7  |0.2   |0.2   |17.1  |8.0   |
 |Goldy : Standard Deviation|10.4  |60.7  |0.3   |0.7   |6.5   |29.7  |
 |Goldy : 25 percentile     |2.0   |10.5  |0.1   |0.1   |14.1  |6.0   |
 |Goldy : 50 percentile     |4.0   |17.7  |0.2   |0.2   |17.1  |8.0   |
 |Goldy : 75 percentile     |6.0   |40.8  |0.3   |0.3   |21.3  |12.4  |
 |Goldy : 90 percentile     |13.0  |90.8  |0.6   |0.5   |26.0  |20.7  |
 |Goldy : 95 percentile     |21.6  |134.7 |0.8   |0.6   |30.3  |32.3  |
 |Goldy : 99 percentile     |71.3  |374.8 |1.5   |1.1   |35.9  |63.5  |

Orientation surveys were completed over zones of interest identified through historic trenching and geochemical soil surveys. Exploratory pits were dug using an excavator to a depth where samples could be collected from the B-Horizon/C-horizon interface. Rock samples were also collected where possible to provide analytical results which characterize the lithogeochemical signature of the mineralization. Comparison of the data indicates that soils overlying zones of mineralization are enriched in gold and the key pathfinder elements identified above. B-horizon soil samples were collected using soil augers.

The 2013 results indicate the potential for significant expansion of the main Goldy Zone to the north. A 1.0 metre chip sample (AHFGR055) located 475 metres north-northeast of the Goldy Zone returned an assay value of 2.47 g/t Au. The sample appears to represent a splay of the structure which hosts the main Goldy showing. A grab sample (AHFGR054) of silica altered fault breccia, collected 20 metres west of AHFGR055, returned an assay value of 1.50 g/t Au. A strong gold-arsenic anomaly (95th-99th percentile) identified in 1987, measuring 150 to 200 metres wide by 475 metres long, connects the two zones. Mineralization observed in AHFGR054-055 has similar geological and geochemical characteristics as samples collected from the Goldy Zone. The coincident anomalous soil geochemistry suggests that the two zones are connected along a variably mineralized north-south trending structural corridor. This area represents a high priority exploration target warranting follow up work.

Results from the 2013 program indicate that the Goldy Zone and the Dart Zone appear to be discrete zones. A moderate (80th-95th percentile) gold, strong (90th-99th percentile) silver, moderate (75th-99th percentile) copper and strong (90th-99th percentile) lead anomaly was identified in the immediate area of the historic Dart workings and extends 200 metres to the northwest. The soil anomaly is closed to the southeast and remains open to the northwest. The Dart showing has yielded significant gold results in the past, but is not currently ranked as a high priority exploration target.

All samples were submitted to ALS Minerals in Whitehorse for prep and geochemical analysis. The following analytical techniques were used for all rock samples: ME-ICP41, Au-AA23 30 g Fire Assay, and Au-GRA21 30 g Fire Assay for all samples > 10 ppm Au. The following analytical techniques were used for all soil and silt samples: ME-MS41; Au-TL44, and Au-OR44 for all samples > 1 ppm Au. The Company QAQC measures included insertion of external blanks and standards into the sample stream for all rock chip samples. A minimum of one standard and one blank sample were inserted for each trench containing multiple chip/channel samples. In addition, the lab was instructed to wet-sieve each sample prior to sample preparation in order to minimize contamination from placer gravels.

The 2013 program was designed and managed by Mike McCuaig, P. Geo., of TerraLogic Exploration Inc., of Cranbrook, BC.

Paul Reynolds, B. Sc., P. Geo., Vice President Exploration for Northern Freegold Resources Ltd., is the Qualified Person, as defined by NI 43-101, for the Freegold Mountain Project and has reviewed the technical information in this release.

About Northern Freegold

Northern Freegold Resources Ltd. (TSX.V: NFR; OTCQX: NFRGF) trades in Canada on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "NFR" and in the United States on the OTCQX under the symbol "NFRGF". Northern Freegold is a growth oriented Canadian-based precious metals exploration and development company. Northern Freegold is focused on creating value through the advancement of the district scale Freegold Mountain project, which hosts one of the largest undeveloped gold and copper resources in the Yukon and the Burro Creek gold and silver property in Arizona. For maps and more information, please visit our website www.northernfreegold.com

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