One mile of Ocean Front, One Incredible Real Estate Development

Multi-Billion Dollar Agreement Signed With Oman



VGambling Changes Name to Esports Entertainment Group in Anticipation of Platform and Operations Launch $

  • In anticipation of imminent launch of eSports online wagering platform in June
  • Online wagering platform will trigger the start of corporate and business development programs, including eSports industry and trade conferences around the world
  • Closed its previously announced financing, for total proceeds of $1,200,000

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Hub On AGORACOM/ Corporate Profile / Read Release

Message: Latest Update via 10k

Eddie - Let people have their dreams, delusions, hope, whatever.  You don't need to heap criticism on people all the time just because you think they're crazy.  They/we may be crazy, but that should be of no concern of yours.  We're all in a lot of pain already.  We don't need you to add fuel to the fire. 

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