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Message: Omagine Limbo.....

Well,alander, the 8K has been issued with no direct mention of the heightened stock selling. I assume from the message conveyed that the selling was at least in part, if not mostly due to the need to raise funds. It is the nature of the beast that when shares are sold at these low stock prices to raise funds,ya gotta sell a whole bunch more  shares to raise the same amount of capital, versus selling at a higher price. I know that statement is elementary,but it  may help us to understand why so many shares have been sold recently. Adding insult to this injury, is that as investors see the selling, they also exit "stage right" due to fear , disgust,etc.  Ironic ain't it? Where is RCA (Royal Court of Affairs NOT Radio Corporation of America) when we need em? Regards, Bill of the Board. P.S. I did like the part about European Investors, and the November time line. (Stocker, keep your powder dry).......we will all invision you jumping on that projection.Save your response. Stranger things have happened.Plus since we've missed most,if not 100% of the projected deadlines to date, maybe, just maybe Frank is shooting for the end of October(Trick or Treat) and he padded his date by on month. Hope springs eternal!

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