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Multi-Billion Dollar Agreement Signed With Oman


BREAKING: St-Georges Eco-Mining Announces Spin-Out of Subsidiary ZeU Crypto Networks & Intellectual Property Acquisition Agreement Amendment with Tiande

  • Intends to spin-out its subsidiary ZeU Crypto Networks Inc.,
    • Intend to list ZeU on the Canadian Securities Exchange
  • Transaction is being undertaken to focus the efforts of St-Georges on its core mining, metallurgical processes and commodities management technologies 
    • Seeking to maximize shareholder value of the technologies to be acquired by ZeU by placing them in a separate public company
  • Material terms of the Amending Agreement are the removal of the minimum $10,000,000 concurrent financing condition

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Hub On AGORACOM / Read Release


Message: Form 10Q - follow up question

our beloved little omag stock has been on life support for more than two years, it needs a heart transplant to survive, and it is very costly to maintain it on life support and at the top of the transplant list. Unfortunately it has a rare blood type and finding a matching donor has been very difficult. How long can it go on like this? Looking for matching donors in China, Europe and the Middle East to no avail . If we don’t find a donor soon it will pass away and end the hope of what could have been a super star. Let’s hope we get lucky and find a happy ending to this tragic ordeal. It seams time marches on with no progress.......Beacher

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