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Multi-Billion Dollar Agreement Signed With Oman


BREAKING: St-Georges Eco-Mining Announces Spin-Out of Subsidiary ZeU Crypto Networks & Intellectual Property Acquisition Agreement Amendment with Tiande

  • Intends to spin-out its subsidiary ZeU Crypto Networks Inc.,
    • Intend to list ZeU on the Canadian Securities Exchange
  • Transaction is being undertaken to focus the efforts of St-Georges on its core mining, metallurgical processes and commodities management technologies 
    • Seeking to maximize shareholder value of the technologies to be acquired by ZeU by placing them in a separate public company
  • Material terms of the Amending Agreement are the removal of the minimum $10,000,000 concurrent financing condition

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Hub On AGORACOM / Read Release


Message: 8k dated 2/6/18

Nick, not a good idea to try to charge the Sultan any interest or penalty, just hope he will be Benevolent and choose to continue with our project. To Management that loan from EMA Financial sounds by the terms that can turn $55,000 to 1.8 million in such a short period of time like it was financed by New Jersey loan sharks. Would have been better off with Shark Tank. Hope the other notes weren’t financed by Joisey boys..........Beacher

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