Patented Intellectual Property Elemental to Virtually Every Microprocessor Design

Computers, servers, workstations, home theater systems, digital TVs, video games, DVD Recorders/Players, mobile handsets, automotive electronics and more...

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Russell Fish: Fish lists as his credentials that he worked with Chuck Moore on the Sh-boom processor. Although Sh-boom was never a success in terms of volume manufacturing and design wins, techniques used within it became the basis of a microprocessor patent portfolio that was licensed broadly by Patriot Scientific Corp. (San Diego, California) One of the key patents – U.S. Patent 5,809,336 was on the use of clock multiplication to increase internal operating speed.

Venray Technology, Ltd.

Russell Fish III, co-inventor of the second most licensed computer portfolio (after ARM).

Fish licensed technology powers most computers, computer games, electronic toys, and cellphones in use today.

100+ current licensees including INTEL and AMD.

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