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BREAKING: St-Georges Eco-Mining Announces Spin-Out of Subsidiary ZeU Crypto Networks & Intellectual Property Acquisition Agreement Amendment with Tiande

  • Intends to spin-out its subsidiary ZeU Crypto Networks Inc.,
    • Intend to list ZeU on the Canadian Securities Exchange
  • Transaction is being undertaken to focus the efforts of St-Georges on its core mining, metallurgical processes and commodities management technologies 
    • Seeking to maximize shareholder value of the technologies to be acquired by ZeU by placing them in a separate public company
  • Material terms of the Amending Agreement are the removal of the minimum $10,000,000 concurrent financing condition

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Message: a few new Pacers

Ronran - simple question... You have been very outspoken that his is dead in the water, finished. My question is, why do you still monitor this forum?

It's kind of like your girl friend died, but you still check the mailbaox everyday for a letter...

By the way, I mentioned RQHTF several times on this message board. I started menioning it at $.16, yesterday it cloased an $1.61. It's nice to be up $221,000 or over 900% in 8 months. Next flyers, QSEP and GERS!!!

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