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Message: Free Relaxing Android Games You Should Know
Android gaming is one of the useful methods to relax after school and work. And here are free Android games to help you lower strains. Let’s experience right now! 
How to get the mind off those days at work? You have put your mind on work for a long period of time. And now, you want to keep your spirit clam down. 
Well, one of the helpful ways to prevent tiredness at work is to rest, by holding your concentration on something other than your work. 
With that being said, the Android games seem to be useful. For the addictive games, they are easy to capture the attention and hold focus for an extended time. 
In game stores, there is countless online and offline Android game download. For the result, we have chosen 5 of games available (useful for relaxing). Here!
7 Free Android Games to Reduce Stress at Work
Air Control
We cannot say for sure that Air Control is the best APK game, but it is probably an appropriate selection. It allows you to consider the air traffic control system. It sounds interesting, right? 
Well, if you are falling apart now, sleeping on work, for example, it would be best to try this game.
The feature of Air Traffic is to help to navigate and land an array of aircraft. Make sure that all are safe and do not crash into each other. You will control each of the aircraft, by touching it and then tracing the
desired route. 
Remember that the skies will quickly be filled by the aircraft. So, you wisely need to trace a proper route so as not to cause a crash. 
Besides Air Control, you can explore more Android games and apps at the link Apk packages.
Is this game for Android good for amusing you? Yes, a cerebral puzzle game, Hocus, actually gets you to concentrate based on puzzles. It is M.C. Escher, who have designed them. 
Personally, we assume that Hocus is an aesthetic game that is both relaxing and clean and you are easy to focus on puzzles. Plus the calming music, brings a certain comfort. 
In the game, you must pass 100 varied puzzles. You may even tap the ruler and pencil icon if you want to play or create levels. 
Honestly, this is the perfect game to choose to play. It will make you de-stress and calm down enough to tackle that pile of work on your desk. 
Tank Hero
Saying yes to an addictive game, we immediately think of Tank Hero. If you have played plenty of APK games, you probably knew this game. Despite the simple concept, the competition is violent. 
First of all, you have to move near or around the barriers and then place the enemy tanks before you get taken out. Pay attention the display lower left corner. By touching the arrow pad, you will likely move the
tanks. Continue to tap the screen in your desired direction to shoot. 
Keep the trick on your mind, to ricochet the shot the surrounding end position of a wall, you ought to utilize the wall. Nevertheless, you can also meet the dangerous stunts against you. Take care!
Alto’s Adventure
If you ask us what APK game downloads would be most useful for experiences, we will say Alto’s Adventure. You will be transformed into a llama herder and start snowboarding down a mountain to chase down the
lost flock. 
The visuals are beautiful and lifelike. Just need to play a moment, and you can fall into a state of trance. 
We cannot deny that Alto’s Adventure is one of the most action-packed games around. Not only do you grind and jump over obstacles but you can also beat the mysterious mountain men throughout your journey. 
The combination of fun gameplay and gorgeous visuals are attractive right from the first game. 
If you want to get other Android games and apps, you can go to the link
Glow Hockey
Do you get used to being addicted to the Atari game “Pong”? So, let us recommend an addictive game – Glow Hockey. 
In fact, there is not too different from the version of pong that you have played before, including the sound effects and glow theme. 
The controls are easy. You use your finger to slide the ring around and apply the finger-flicking skills to outsmart your component. 
Accordingly, in case you especially feel stressful, you can spend a few minutes to relieve your mood with this game. Later, continue your rest work for the day. So good!
Paper Toss
Instead of playing the complicated games that require the high difficulty, you need a simpler game without too much effort. In this way, you will calm down and reduce strain.
Why don’t you try playing Paper Toss? It’s one of our favorite games.
We believe that office workers, who are used to sitting at the desk and shooting a paper ball into a trash can, will thoroughly enjoy this game. Exactly, Paper Toss has simulated this. 
So simple! What direction do you want to toss the paper ball? Just flick your finger in that direction. Don’t forget to consider the obstacles. You will feel satisfied when shooting the crumpled paper ball into the
Infinity Loop
Another puzzle game that we want to share with you – Infinity Loop, a challenging game with shape puzzles. 
In the game, it forces you to have to rotate pieces so that all falls in position. Like that, you can reach the closed shapes. Is it pretty simple?
Being a free Android game, but the creator is also to invest. Apart from the minimal visuals, the players have enjoyed an ambient soundtrack. This combination contributes to creating a relaxing game. 
After all, if you are figuring out the simple games to relax and minimize stress after study and work, these games are suitable. They are not likely the exciting multiplayer Android game, but they can effectively de-stress.
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