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Message: Whay a Joke.

I thought that recent rumours had indicated that Lori was done. You seem to feel that Lori will still be pulling the strings with IGD? In the last post on stockhouse by stockstar/primed24 he seemed to suggest that you guys finally had Lori over a barrel when he said that you guys had "won". Shortly after that the forum here changed from "The Revolt" to "The Win". It would be in our best interests if Lori was done with IGD because she would have some time to devote to communicating with SLI shareholders to see if anything is left to revive. Even though she would not be a good choice to run SLI again we still need her to get us from point A to point B. It may be a bit premature but  Sculpin, if you have e-mail addresses for Primed24, Jeff, TheDon, Bob Lechance or others who were close to Lori can you either try to contact them or pass their information to someone else who can? We should give Lori a few more days to respond to her e-mail though.


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