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Message: The lesson you have all yet to learn.


 You seem to like it when there is no posting, Why? Do you think that will help keep the truth covered up?     I have news for you Stevee, The truth is out and it is known by many!

  As for your predictions of over three thousand dollars per share,this was possible as they were made after Quantic Geosience had correlated their findings with all those fantasist gold finds told to investors in those SLI News Realeases, along with those huge anomalies!   Quantec's correlation was proof!  Lori had been telling the truth!
  What was hard to understand is how you went from predicting over three thousand dollars per share to worthless over night!  and then start posting under multiple alias's, posting nothing but negativity! & BS for the past six years! and counting!   Yes Stevee the truth hurts!!   
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