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Did any of you geniuses actually pick up a phone and TALK to John Brophy before you handed your life savings to Lori? No? I didn't think so. Well, I did. He laughed at the anomaly. He gave me a quick geography lesson. Gold is very heavy. It wants to sink to the center of the earth. Any gold we find today originally came from veins. Water that is heated deep within the earth can contain dissolved gold. Pressure deep down can force this water up cracks in the bedrock, later condensing into veins, typically containing quartz. That is the structure containing gold on Tesoro. They are often very rich per ton, but very thin. Profitable to mine for a few hundred feet down, in small operations. But the costs go up as the mine gets deeper.  In some cases, these veins are weathered over geological periods, and move to other strata, which is where the word "disemminated gold". The Yukon is one such place. The veins there are long since eroded away, leaving the gold scattered in the gravels. That is called Placer Gold. As John told me, Lori's theory was that something somehow created an empty cavern, a kilometer across. And then a gold-bearing water flooded this cavern with more gold than has ever been discovered, then proceeded to the surface, but stopped before flooding the surface. Awaiting Lori and her superior intellect to discover what no one else has in thousands of years. Look, her office manager was her bicycle courier. It was all show business. 


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