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St. Elias Mines Profile

11 core properties, 3 in PERU & 8 in British Columbia Canada.

Flagship property - The TESORO GOLD PROJECT in PERU
Analyst report (Paul Gray) available on website @ www.steliasmines.com
2nd analyst report out Oct 19, 2011
CANADA - mining friendly, proactive.
PERU - mining friendly, proactive.
4 optioned partners on 6 of OUR properties to spend approx $9.0 million over 3 Years.
3D geophysics completed on 100% owned TESORO GOLD PROPERTY in PERU on website.
1st rig drilling the TESORO GOLD PROPERTY since Aug 17, 2011
Possible spin off of Canadian properties
Drill permit APPROVED for 10,000m drill program on 100% owned TESORO GOLD PROJECT.

Drilling on TESORO GOLD PROPERTY doubles to 20,000m as of Dec 12, 2011

2nd rig to be drilling on the TESORO GOLD PROJECT as of Jan 2012

Hired 2 more Geologists to work on the TESORO
Approx $9 million in SLI treasury & millions$ more available through exercising options & warrants
$4 million exploration program ON GOING on TESORO GOLD PROPERTY.
10km of trenching completed w/ 100's of samples taken
Continuous trenching of HIGH GRADE ore greating huge value for ST. Elias Mines
Extensive trenching program has commenced (1.2km in first week) on the TESORO GOLD PROPERTY

Initial trenching assays from 2010 on website (IMO-excellent results)

TESORO - Over 50 visual Gold Bearing veins @ surface w/ aggregate length of over 9.2km.
Visual GOLD, disseminated GOLD, HUGE Anomalies & HIGH GRADE pods.
TESORO - 2 main vein corridors w/ aggregate length of approx 15km.
Over 1300m of underground development completed on the TESORO by St. Elias Mines
BULK sampling, 1157 tonnes averaging 0.93 oz/t (28.9grs/t).
55 geophysical anomalies on TESORO initial 5000 acres. 52 drill holes recomended by Quantec
10 anomalies related to known methothermal gold mineralization within the TESORO structural corridor.

Not less then 6 major MINING companies from 5 countries working in PERU.
Listed with Standard & Poor's.
2 international IR firms (London, England & New York, United States).
Hired professional consulting/real estate/Legal representation of overseas interests based in New York, USA.
Complete 3D QUANTEC geo physical survey on 5000 acre section of TESORO GOLD PROJECT is completed.
Zones (vein clusters) increased to 39 from 13 after successful TITAN 24 geophysical survey
Independent 43-101 technical report on TESORO project completed & on SEDAR
Carmi Molybdenum Property 43-101 compliant estimate of +80 million lbs, so far
VILCORO GOLD PROPERTY "Enviromental Impact Study completed
DRILL PERMIT granted to "St. Elias Mines" on 100% owned VILCORO GOLD PROPERTY in PERU
Optioned CUEVA BLANCA PROPERTY to Intigold w/ 1.5% NSR + cash & Shares - May 9/2011
Options Stategic claim adjoining the TESORO to Intigold (Chance E)

Extensive work done on Cueva Blanca Property by St. Elias Mines (historical)
Optioned partner "Dorex" STRAWBERRY FLATS GOLD PROJECT Phase 1 geochemical assay results are in hand
Proactive management team with shareholder value in mind.
Optioned partner "Intigold", BEAVERDELL GOLD/SILVER PROPERTY in BC Canada, goes public (V.IGD)
56 news releases since Mar 01, 2010
TESORO property land base increased 249% to 17,436 ACRES - Oct 13/2010
Gold targeting RECORD HIGHS continuously
Retains new corperate legal counsel
New CFO resently hired
Appointment corperate secretary
TFSA eligible ("only in CANADA you say - pitty")

HomePage: http://steliasmines.com/




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