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Message: Vindication: Alexandria Minerals Admits Exploration of Val d’Or Property is Only Path Forward – Sadly, Board Directors Have No Plan for Going Forward

Vindication: Alexandria Minerals Admits Exploration of Val d’Or Property is Only Path Forward – Sadly, Board Directors Have No Plan for Going Forward

posted on Jun 07, 2018 09:56AM
  • 43-101 resource estimate, led by Mr. Owens, better positions the company to move forward and fully realize the potential of Alexandria Minerals.
  • The potential of the company’s Val d’Or property is great and similar to neighbouring properties that have significant deposits.
  • Only Eric Owens has a plan that puts the interests of shareholders – an increase in their return on investment – ahead of the interests of members of the board.

TORONTO, June 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Eric Owens, former CEO, current director, and a founder of Alexandria Minerals Corporation (“Alexandria”), along with other concerned shareholders (together the “Concerned Shareholders” or “Founder’s Group”), welcomed the vindication of Mr. Owens by Alexandria Minerals Corporation (“Alexandria” or “Company”) through their strong endorsement of Eric Owens’ 43-101 resource estimate work.

As stated in Alexandria's news release yesterday, the 43-101 resource estimate, led by Mr. Owens, “has enabled the Company to have a much better understanding of the styles and potential of ground within the belt and to know how to drill out, model and build resources more efficiently. A number of targets with significant historical drill results as well as known mineralized structures have not been followed up with recent drilling but have shown the ability to host the required widths and grade to host potentially significant mineralization. Additionally, some zones previously targeted for drilling are known not to have the gold tenor required to warrant further drilling. These will be eliminated.”

The Founders Group believes it is a mistake to turn aside a CEO with a proven ability to conduct the very drilling program that will allow the company to “better understand” its assets and to raise the funding necessary to more aggressively and quickly explore this asset base.

Even more importantly for shareholders, the fabrications contained in the first 14 paragraphs of the news release are directly refuted by Alexandria’s own conclusion in its “Path Forward”.

As Mr. Owens has been excluded from company affairs for more than 7 months, the Founders Group questions the current management’s decision to exclude approximately 25% of the 2017 drill holes from the estimate (10,500 m of core), given the delay in the resource estimate, and further to not capture the additional 12,500 metres of drilling that had occurred in early 2018. In total, some 40% of the drill holes completed over the last 18 months have been excluded from the results.

“It is frustrating for shareholders that the Special Committee of Alexandria over the last 7 months has wasted so much time and money to only come to the conclusion we had the right plan all along,” said Mr. Owens. “Plus, some points of clarification are required. I’ve never opposed selling non-core assets. While non-core asset sales can be strategic, attempting to finance a proper drilling program, and continuing to grow an exploration company, based solely on these sporadic, one-off sales is ill-advised.”

The Founder’s Group also disagrees with the Special Committee’s approach over the last 7 months, which it believes could only have one possible objective: to drive down the stock price while seeking a partner or a fire sale. The Founder’s Group has deep concerns as to why the Special Committee is still using Sprott Capital Partners as its financial advisor. Sprott is a unique shareholder, which doesn’t have the same interests as the majority of shareholders, and all shareholders should question the advice the Special Committee is receiving from Sprott Capital.

Further, Mr. Owens strongly disagrees with the implication that the substantial, accretive financing he raised while CEO would have resulted in a greater dilution than the Special Committee’s efforts to sell the Company. To be clear – this is false and misleading information.

Mr. Owens’ plans have included both strategic financing and non-core asset sales, which would have preserved much greater value, while better positioning the company to deliver shareholders greater value.

Mr. Owens’ vision and plan for Alexandria is the best one for growing shareholder value. The current board and Special Committee have frittered away time and resources, while pursuing short-sighted objectives.

By Alexandria’s own admission, again from their recent news release: “The Company’s asset base, in addition to the Orenada deposits, consists of a very large continuous land base along the Cadillac Break in the Val D’or area and adjacent to and contiguous with the Sigma-Lamaque-Triangle assets of Eldorado (Formerly Integra Gold). The Cadillac Break is one of Canada’s most prolific and well-known gold producing areas. There are a number of active targets on the Company’s land adjacent to areas on which other gold companies, specifically, Eldorado Gold Corporation and Agnico Eagle Mines Limited are working systematically on.”

Given this reality, it’s time the Special Committee stop its time-wasting games and resource-depleting distractions and embrace Mr. Owens’ and the Founders’ Groups’ plan to get Alexandria back on track.


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