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I am sure many of you know me. Some may even have met me personally on ROF golf things with my buddy Strato and my spouse, what's her name.  I have decided to do nothing with my shares in this new venture.  I have, long ago, written off my UC bet.  UC and many others in ROF were always a "swing for the fences" investment in any event.  My spouse, what's her name, always said she had bad vibes from Jim.  I always countered that the red-eye and a few schnapps would do that to anyone.  Far be it from me to ever listen to my spousa, even tho her vibe thing had been proven right on several prior occasions.  Thank heavens she pays no attention to these posts, as I can't take any more "told you so's" from her.  I encourage my pals to do whatever feels right on this occasion, now that you are given the chance to run for the hills.  For me, I am going to stick with whatever this crypto thing is, if only to get a chuckle.  I had mentally written off my losses/mistakes anyway, so where is the harm?  Join me in supporting something I know not a whit about.  If nothing else, hilarity should, I hope, ensue.  Won't you be my neighbour?

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