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Message: Deer Antlers?

I still check in on this site, as well.

There were seemingly GOOD PEOPLE talking about investing more good money after bad in this company (which company is it?) in the past 3-4 years. My education cost me 85K, and I still wonder how I was so naive as to keep investing over time as the price fell and fell.

Hmm. I can't even tell other people about it, it's too painful to admit my naivete.

Funny thing, and it's cruel to say: when I heard that Paul's daughter had died of her multiple addictions I knew I was in trouble right then. I am in healthcare, and it's just one of those problems that SO OFTEN (but not all the time) just don't fall out of the sky. There is a genetic code for that stuff. I am afraid that Paul is unlikely honest even with himself. Still argues everything he did was on the up and up.

Really, with the healing of time I can only promise myself to be more aware of the routine dishonesty in this world. In this investment game honesty is the exception, and not the rule.

The photos of the trip to Germany really got to me. The worst thing was to create a feeling of family. Now I don't even know if some of the people that created those photos were part of the scam. I hope not, but if they weren't they were the unwilling accomplices to a long drawn out theft.

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