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Message: The Juniors Shall Prevail

The Juniors Shall Prevail
An Interview With Zimtu’s Dave Hodge
By Greg Klein

Dave Hodge is President/Director of Zimtu Capital Corp TSXV:ZC, an investment company focused on private, micro- and small-cap resource companies. He spoke with ResourceClips writer Greg Klein April 18.

Q: Would you give us a bit of background on how Zimtu began and how it evolved?

A: Zimtu has taken a variety of forms, from an exploration company to a dot-com company. When it was a dot-com, the company spun out its mineral properties and created a new exploration company called Commerce Resources.

And after the dot-com market fell apart we realized that the best thing we ever did for Zimtu shareholders was create Commerce because they received shares in Commerce through a share dividend.
An Interview With Zimtu's Dave Hodge

So we reorganized the company and essentially went into the full-time business of creating junior-exploration companies through a dividend process. That was relatively successful. And to augment that, through a series of partnerships with prospectors and/or geologists, we have developed quite a transactional business where we’re involved in staking properties on a partnership basis and helping market those properties to other junior-exploration companies.

Ultimately, that part of the business works well from a company-creation aspect because what you get by buying Zimtu stock is access to that very early stage of junior exploration. And in that very early stage there is tremendous upside and tremendous potential.

Read the rest of this interview with Zimtu Capital's Dave Hodge.

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