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Message: Company response re share price jump

New Board Member, Paul Mesburis. One of 2 independent board members to be appointed. Given stock options of something like 1.2 million shares that he can redeem at 32 cents a share over the next 5 years. Still have 1 more "independent" board member so there will be further stock dilution if the stock options are converted to shares... then again 5 years from now Zenn Motor Company stock may be considerably less than 32 cents a share and the only positive thing about that is that the remaining stockholders wouldn't see further dilution if the 2 new board members haven't converted their options to stock by then anyway. Who knows what will happen over the next 5 years, however... the last 5 have not exactly been illustrious years for the company of its stockholders. Past events are no guranty of future results.. right?

Let the buyer be ware and watch out for flying chairs.

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