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... Phase 2 Independent Testing on EEStor Technology

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Press Release: SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY – Thu, 26 Mar, 2015 5:22 PM EDT

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 26, 2015) - ZENN Motor Company Inc. (TSX VENTURE:ZNN) ("ZENN" or the "Company"), today announced the findings of the independent Phase 2 testing conducted by Intertek Group plc ("Intertek") on the capacitor technology developed by 71.3% owned subsidiary, EEStor Inc. ("EEStor").

The Company is pleased to report that the recently completed testing further confirms the advanced technical characteristics of the EEStor-developed dielectric material, and increasingly demonstrates its commercial value in the large global capacitor market. With this technical validation, and recent enhancements to EEStor's manufacturing capabilities, the Company is now prepared to advance discussions with potential commercial partners towards agreements that are expected to range from licensing to manufacturing joint-ventures.

The Phase 2 Intertek Report is available for viewing at www.zenncars.com, www.eestor.us. andwww.sedar.com.

Intertek rigorously tested two multi-layer Polypropylene Injection Molded samples of EEStor's capacitor technology across multiple voltages and frequencies. Of the two samples tested, one had been dried in EEStor's recently completed environmental assembly chamber. Intertek has confirmed that significant improvements were achieved over the previously tested and reported 250vdc, six-layer injection molded part.

Key highlights and findings of the Intertek Phase Two Report include:

• A three-fold improvement in voltage performance to 750vdc

• The Tested Sample 2 (the dried sample) shows dramatic performance improvements over Sample 1 (the undried sample)

• Low Dielectric Leakage and Low Dissipation factors

The Company has achieved validated results that indicate the following:

• The low dielectric leakage is expected to allow EEStor to produce voltage smoothing capacitors for such application that require long term voltage stability

• The low dissipation factor is expected to allow more potential customers to utilize EEStor's low energy loss capacitor technology

• The low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) is expected to provide significant advantages in applications that require high levels of noise filtering, low noise generation from high speed signal switching, and multiple applications needing this level of filtering protection

• The multi-layer Polypropylene Injection Molded samples indicate the ability to perform at those levels necessary for high-voltage commercial viability

• Both EEStor samples were charged in milliseconds without any noted degradation of performance

• ESR reduced as the number of layers are increased by stacking

• The resistance and capacitance levels of the dried high voltage Sample 2 part indicates exceptional performance and provides for additional volumetric efficiencies over parts compromised by humidity.

Ian Clifford, Founder and CEO of ZENN and the President and CEO of EEStor stated: "The Phase 2 independent testing conducted by Intertek represents an important next-stage validation of the potential of EEStor's technology for capacitor applications and confirms internal testing results achieved by EEStor. The importance of ensuring that our high voltage multi-layer injection molded parts perform effectively is a critical juncture point for negotiations with potential capacitor industry partners. We now have the necessary independently verified data to fully engage in these partnership negotiations."

Clifford continued: "As previously announced, the Company has retained Mr. Dennis Zogbi, CEO and Founder of Paumanok Publications, to assist the Company in developing strategic relationships in the capacitor industry."

Mr. Zogbi stated: "The achievement of meaningful 750 volt multi-layer test results at Intertek provides the necessary technological foundation for me to present the EEStor opportunity to my key strategic clients."

Mr. Clifford concluded: "We look forward to hosting Dennis' clients at our facility in Cedar Park in the coming days and to the formalizing of meaningful strategic relationships with leading capacitor industry partners."


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